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stainless steel railings MA G&E Steel Fabricators, Inc. is a family owned and operated miscellaneous metal fabrication business based in Salem, MA. G&E Steel was founded by Antonio Ciasullo, an Italian-American master artisan with over 30 years of experience in the steel fabrication business.  Today Antonio is in partnership with his two sons, Gino and Emilio. Gino is a graduate of Bentley College and serves as the company President. Emilio, an engineering graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, serves as Vice-President and Project Manager.


In the following pages, you will see examples of G&E Steel’s custom creations ranging from breathtaking staircases to meticulously detailed iron fences and gates.  G&E Steel has enhanced the beauty and property value of many commercial buildings and private residences.

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G & E Steel Fabricators, Inc.
4 Florence Street, Unit 5, Salem, Massachusetts  01970
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