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Circular Stairs MA
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Circular Stairs

Circular stairs are a space saving alternative to straight scissor stairs that are much more comfortable and practical than spiral stairs.   In addition, their beautiful curves are sure to provide the focal point for the interior design of any office or residence.  Circular stairs are perfect for building owners who plan to rent more than one floor to the same tenant.  This type of stairs would provide a convenient way for tenants to access multiple floors that would be quicker than using the elevator or the emergency stairwells.


Please note the magnificence of this set of circular stairs built by G&E Steel for an office building located in Woburn, MA.  The stair had to be fabricated full scale in our facility in Salem to insure its precision.  The stair was then disassembled, transported to Woburn on a flatbed, hoisted through a second floor window piece by piece and then finally reassembled on site. The stair was made with ½” thick x 10” wide steel plate stringers rolled to achieve the exact radius required for the interior stringer as well as that of the exterior stringer.  The treads are steel pans filled with concrete that can be easily covered with any flooring desired.  The railings are made with 1¼” I.D. round schedule 40 pipe (1.66” O.D.) and ½” square balusters set 4” on center.  The railings can be fabricated with a height of 42” and an offset handrail set at 34” as shown or it can be fabricated with a height of 36” for residential applications.  Other more ornamental railings that are pictured throughout the G&E Steel website are also possibilities to consider.

Before fabricating and installing the stairs, G&E Steel will submit shop drawings stamped by a licensed engineer, provide railing samples for approval and install steel framing members as required to support the stair.  All an owner or a general contractor would have to do is arrange to have the floor opening cut and the rest will be taken care of.                     


To view a sample of circular stairs, click here.


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